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Friday 07 June 2019, 17:00
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Priority will be given to area team members if sessions are full.  But sessions are open to all.  Priced at £27.50 per person per ride for one hour shared.

Book a time slot that fits with your area dressage test ability.  

There are sessions at; 17.00 Ability PC Grassroots / PC Novice 18.00 Ability PC Grassroots / PC Novice 19.00 Ability PC Intermediate / PC Open If all spaces taken we potentially can open up another slot at 20.0

Please note we do very occasionally have to ask for minor flexibility / slight moves of times based on final bookings which may mean bringing a later group forewards or backwards by upto an hour.

Bookings will close Tuesday evening without exception to allow us to confirm times to trainer. All booking and payments to be online by this time please.

Just let us know if you want book and all spaces full but before the closing date please.

Location Abbey Dressage
GL20 7BJ

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Booking and Refunds Policy

No booking is secure until payment is made.
Generally, no refunds are given.


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I shall endeavour to treat my horse with consideration

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