Simon Sez Area Dressage

Maisie Hodge


intermediate Dressage


Emma Chinn


Novice (previously Intermediate) Dressage

Emma Jane Austin


Charlotte Adshead


Grassroots (previously Junior) Dressage

Seren Wililiams


Intermediate Improver Dressage


Emily Cupper


Isabelle Bishop


Novice Improver Dressage

Hannah De Wit


Jasmine Girvan


Mini Improver Dressage

Felix Westgate-Wilton


Mini Flat Dressage


Olivia Middlecote




Show Jumping





















Griffiths open SJ


Freddie Ogden Methrell


Intermediate SJ


Lauren Wilson


Novice SJ


Evie Bennett


Open Improver SJ


not awarded


Intermediate Improver SJ

Izzy Weaver


Novice Improver SJ


Henry Pope


Mini SJ


Lucy Evans


Tilly Dennis


Mini Improver SJ


Sophie Chichester


Alice Round


Grassroots SJ


Hattie Spurling


Grassroots Improver SJ

Georgie Holmes




















Open Event


Charlotte Milnes


Lauren Wilson


Intermediate Event - Ivin Cup

Tom Woodward


Novice (previously Junior) Event

Issi Chaplain


Olivia Haddock


Senior Improver Event


Ruby Williams


Intermediate Improver Event


not awarded


Novice (previously Junior) Improver Event

Freddie Ogden Methrell




Sophie Chichester


Mini Improver


Sophie Bowness




Lulu Chinn, Millie Redfern Christie,


Izzi McKenzie Watson










Senior Improver


Ruby Williams


Intermediate Improver

Isabelle Thomas


Junior Improver


Evan Williams


Mini Improver


Issy Thwaite


Caroline Yapp







Senior Racing


Grace Knowles


Junior Racing


Isabelle Dodane






Senior Hunting


Charlotte Warner


Junior Hunting


Chloe Stephenson


























Silver Dollar - Mounted Games

Lucy Davies


Junior Mounted Games


Chloe Stephenson


Polocrosse (Linda Hale trophy)

Josh Smith


(awarded by Jane Smith)


Senior - Sam Hudson


Jenny Young


Junior - Sam Hudson


Holly Baker


Senior - Kiskadee


Harry & Georgie Holmes

(awarded by chair of friends committee)


Junior - Kiskadee (Medlar)

Harry Jones


(awarded by chair of friends committee)


DC Award


Saskia Davies


Mowgli - all round pony

Red Squirrel (Bennett family)


Senior Camp Cup (Highfield Shield)

Alice Knowles


Junior Camp Cup


Henry Chichester


Summer Show Points


(awarded by Jan Whitehead)


Tetrathlon Cups


Collected back and awarded By Hilary Barfoot Saunders
















Seren Williams




Felix Westgate Wilton






Matt Baker


Postal shoot


Matt Baker








Effort Cups


Olivia Middlecote, Lexi Williams, Lucy Evans



Sophie Chichester, Seren Williams

Most Promsing Newcomer


Senior Tetrathlon Cup


Rosie Harris


As a member of The Pony Club, I stand for the best in sportsmanship as well as in horsemanship.

I shall compete for the enjoyment of the game well played and take winning or losing in my stride, remembering that without good manners and good temper, sport loses its cause for being.

I shall endeavour to treat my horse with consideration

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