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BEF Advice for Competition and Training Event Organisers During the Current Outbreaks of Equine Flu
In the face of recent equine influenza outbreaks the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) asks all event organisers or coordinators to:
1. Check equine ID passports of all horses attending your event 
Ensure that the horse (or pony) has received two injections for primary vaccination against equine influenza given no less than 21 days and no more than 92 days apart. Only these two injections need to have been given before a horse/pony can attend. In addition, if sufficient time has elapsed a first booster injection must be given no less than 150 days and no more than 215 days after the second injection of the primary vaccination. Subsequently, booster injections must be given at intervals of not more than one year apart. Any horse not complying with the vaccination rules should not be unloaded nor any horses travelling with it and they will not be allowed to participate in any session.
2. We strongly advise 
If attending horses’ last vaccination was longer ago than six months, that they discuss an additional booster vaccination with their vet. If you are imposing a six month booster requirement on local veterinary advice, make sure that your event attendees are aware of this at when making entries and have enough time to comply – at least 7 days.
3. Yard hygiene/biosecurity
In moving from one premises to another, governing body officials or representatives must:
• Change their outer wear to minimise the likelihood of transmission of the flu virus on their clothes
• Change or disinfect shoes or boots before leaving one premises and getting into a vehicle to move to premises
• Wear disposable gloves or use alcohol hand gel between contact with individual horses and minimise contact with all horses.

As a member of The Pony Club, I stand for the best in sportsmanship as well as in horsemanship.

I shall compete for the enjoyment of the game well played and take winning or losing in my stride, remembering that without good manners and good temper, sport loses its cause for being.

I shall endeavour to treat my horse with consideration

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