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We have had a very successful year in the Pony Club competitions this year. Well done to everyone who attended training, worked well as a team and competed at any level for our Pony Club. Thank you also to the sports managers and trainers who supported us all.


Dressage: Emma (Open) and

Saskia, Tom, Emma, Emma-Jane  (Intermediate) qualified for the National Championships 2018.

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 At the championships:

Emma came 18th in her open section and her Area 9 team came 7th

Saskia came 2nd in her intermediate section and 9th in the ride-off for overall places

Saskia, Tom and Emma came 6th as a Ledbury Hunt Pony Club Team

Hannnah took part in the novice dressage to music and came 19th

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Show Jumping: Georgie was our only qualifier and representative at the National Championships in show jumping – she jumped at 90cm and did well to finish on a score of 16 faults over 2 rounds

c image006

Eventing:  Rosie (intermediate) and Tom and Saskia (open) qualified for the championships.


At the championships:

Rosie came 29th in her section in the intermediate event.

Saskia came 4th in two sections on her two horses and Tom came 15th in his section.

Their area 9 team came 2nd overall.

Polocrosse:  Lucinda qualified as part of a mixed North Warwickshire and Ledbury team as a novice mini and their team was placed 2nd 

 c image016

Tetrathlon: Rosie (intermediate) and Matt (open) qualified as individuals for the National Tetrathlon Championships at Offchurch Bury.

At the championships:

Rosie came 16th in the Intermediate Girls competition

Matt came 6th in the Open Boys competition

c image018

Photographs from The Pony Club Championships 2018 by kind permission of and copyright 1st Class Images https://www.1stclassimages.com/

As a member of The Pony Club, I stand for the best in sportsmanship as well as in horsemanship.

I shall compete for the enjoyment of the game well played and take winning or losing in my stride, remembering that without good manners and good temper, sport loses its cause for being.

I shall endeavour to treat my horse with consideration

The Pony Club is a charity registered with the Charity Commission (registration number 1050146). Ledbury Hunt Branch of the Pony Club operates as a local branch of the Pony Club Organisation and are governed by the  Pony Club Policies

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