_b_c-DSCF810031.jpg_b_c-DSCF828158.jpg_b__Intermediate Girls.jpg_b_2.jpg_b_c-DSCF834262.jpg_b_c-DSCF80437.jpg_b_c-DSCF840574.jpg_b__photo3.JPG_b_c-DSCF840273.jpg_b_img_3820_c.jpg_b_c-DSCF811742.jpg_b_c-DSCF810536.jpg_b_c-DSCF805910.jpg_b__photo1.jpg_b_c-DSCF809327.jpg_b_c-DSCF809125.jpg_b_c-DSCF830960.jpg_b_c-DSCF808824.jpg_b_1.jpg_b_c-DSCF835664.jpg_b_c-ellie78.jpg_b_10.jpg_b_c-DSCF809629.jpg_b_c-DSCF810435.jpg_b_c-DSCF823856.jpg_b_3.jpg_b_c-DSCF809226.jpg_b_c-DSCF807415.jpg_b__IMG_1607.JPG_b__IMG_1605.JPG_b_c-DSCF806111.jpg_b_c-DSCF811641.jpg_b_img_3849_c.jpg_b_4.jpg_b_11.jpg_b_c-DSCF832261.jpg_b_c-DSCF812243.jpg_b_9.jpg_b_c-DSCF807516.jpg_b_c-DSCF828259.jpg_b_c-DSCF823255.jpg_b_c-DSCF807917.jpg_b_c-DSCF840072.jpg_b_c-DSCF80508.jpg_b_c-DSCF816852.jpg_b_c-DSCF839671.jpg_b_5.jpg_b_c-DSCF808321.jpg_b_c-DSCF807214.jpg_b_c-DSCF80295.jpg_b_c-DSCF841976.jpg_b_c-DSCF80234.jpg_b__IMG_1612.JPG_b__IMG_1611.JPG_b__IMG_1610.JPG_b_8.jpg_b_c-DSCF837067.jpg_b_c-DSCF810334.jpg_b_c-DSCF808220.jpg_b_c-DSCF808523.jpg_b_c-DSCF824257.jpg_b_c-DSCF808018.jpg_b_c-DSCF810233.jpg_b_csjhickstead.jpg_b_c-DSCF810637.jpg_b_7.jpg_b_c-DSCF815850.jpg_b_c-DSCF840975.jpg_b_c-DSCF839070.jpg_b_c-DSCF813244.jpg_b_c-DSCF837769.jpg_b_c-DSCF810132.jpg_b_6.jpg_b_hartpury 27th.jpg_b_c-DSCF834863.jpg_b__IMG_1614.JPG_b_c-DSCF809528.jpg_b_c-DSCF816051.jpg_b_c-DSCF811139.jpg_b_c-DSCF809730.jpg_b_c-DSCF818553.jpg_b_c-DSCF80316.jpg_b_c-DSCF810938.jpg_b_c-DSCF836766.jpg_b_c-DSCF813445.jpg_b_c-DSCF818854.jpg_b_c-DSCF842177.jpg_b_horse24.JPG_b_c-DSCF808422.jpg_b__photo2.JPG_b_horse14.JPG_b_c-DSCF813846.jpg_b_c-DSCF807013.jpg_b_c-DSCF836065.jpg_b_c-DSCF811240.jpg_b_c-DSCF837668.jpg_b_c-DSCF806212.jpg_b_c-DSCF815548.jpg_b_horse35.JPG_b_c-DSCF80539.jpg_b_c-DSCF815649.jpg_b_c-DSCF808119.jpg_b__areadressage.jpg_b_c-DSCF815347.jpg


Emma Chinn. Qualified in Open for PC Champs.

Intermediate team of Saskia Davies, Tom Woodward, Emma Chinn and EJ Austin qualified for PC Champs.
Saskia also won her individual section.

Novice team of Millie Pope, Lucinda Chinn and Emily Cupper rode well but no placings this time.

Grassroots team of Evie Bennett,Izzy Watkins , Izzy Chaplin and Hannah De Wit qualified for Regional Champs.

Second grassroots team of Georgie Austin , Izzy McKenzie Watson, Olivia Haddock and Charlotte Adshead -Curnock came 8th. Well actually tied for 6th on place points ,but lower collectives.
Team not qualified at present but may be by pass downs .

Olivia Haddock and Charlotte Adshead-Curnock both qualified as individuals so off to Regional Champs.


Rosie Harris & Matt Baker spent a very hot 2 days competing at the area tetrathlon competition at Leyland Court in July.  Rosie was competing in the Intermediate girls and Matt in the Open boys. Both did themselves proud, jumping clear rounds over a demanding cross country course and generally surviving the heat while running, shooting and swimming.  Rosie came 2nd and Matt came 1st, which means that both qualified for the Tetrathlon Championships on August 9-12th at Offchurch Bury. 

c IMG 1859c IMG 1861c IMG 1863c IMG 1869


Mounted Games

For the first time in a while Ledbury managed to field a team at every level of this competition. It was a fabulous weekend with bags of team spirit from our members and their supporters.

We had a great result for the lead rein and assisted Ledbury teams as both won their respective heats to qualify for the finals. They then came 1st (lead rein) and 3rd (assisted) in the final. Well done Jack Biscoe, Haydee Lake, Isabel Eggerton and Aimee Dodane, Ruben Beard and their athletic parents in the lead rein, and Millie Woodward, Florence Davies, Lucy Davies, Freddie Knowles and Jenson Arrowsmith in the assisted team.

Juniors and Seniors both came second in the tack and turnout against lots of very clean ponies, so very well done!

Our junior team came 4th overall - congratulations to Lucy Evans, Evan Williams, Isabella Dodane and Ed and Harry Jones. They were later invited to take part in the next level of competition, the zone finals but sadly not enough of the team could be available on the date.

Our senior team came 6th - well done Grace Knowles, Isabelle Weaver, Lucinda and Emma Chinn, and Ruby Williams.

Pairs was introduced for the first time this year, so we thought we’d give it a try and find out what it’s all about. Some very stiff competition with older children taking part (pairs goes to 18yr) on flying ponies. Ledbury pairs Ruby and Grace and Isabelle and Lucinda rode very well and came 7th and 10th.

Many thanks to everyone, Jenni Clements our trainer for her coaching and support, Faye managing seniors and Catherine thrown in the deep end with pairs. Jenny Barnes and Barbara Wilkes for stewarding and Sophie Jones and Judy Evans first time stewarding the pairs and Josie Wilkes for giving tips in training


Other results to follow

As a member of The Pony Club, I stand for the best in sportsmanship as well as in horsemanship.

I shall compete for the enjoyment of the game well played and take winning or losing in my stride, remembering that without good manners and good temper, sport loses its cause for being.

I shall endeavour to treat my horse with consideration

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