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Below are reports from various Area and Championship competitions during 2017. If you are interested in taking part in competitions please contact the sports managers for details

Area Mounted Games report

At Area 9 mounted games 2017 we fielded teams in the senior, assisted and lead rein competitions. Our senior team of Grace, Alice, Ruby, Izzy, Audrey and Ellie came 7th, just one point behind two teams tying for 5th place. Our lead rein team came 3rd - well done Haydee, Jenson, Isabella, Monty, Lucian and Harriet. Assisted came fourth competing mostly against lead rein teams so a great result - well done Lucy, Isobel, Ed, Harry and Saffron. Our junior competitor Evan competed in a mixed junior team with Cotswold Vale and Worcestershire Hunt.

Area Mounted Games Team


Pony Club Area 9 Horse Trials Qualifier at Dauntsey on 21 July 2017 by Emma-Jane Austin

I was very excited to be picked to represent Ledbury pony club in the Novice Competition at the Area 9 Horse Trials in July.
The competitions occurring on the day were:
Novice – 90cm Sj and XC
Intermediate – 1m Sj and XC
Open – 1.10 Sj and Xc.
There were 4 of us competing in the Novice, Rosie Harris was representing LHPC in the Intermediate.
In my Novice team were:
Me = Emma-Jane Austin riding Red Squirrel;
Alice Cook riding Smokey 1V
Harry Holmes riding Mullamore Ernest Dreamtime
Tom Woodward riding Steverheides Vuvuzela
We arrived really early as we needed to walk the Sj and XC course before our dressage tests and Stella came too to give us some top tips.
The parking at Dauntsey was very well organised and we parked near our ‘ Ledbury’ signpost before going off to walk the courses.
The show-jumping course was up to height with some big spreads but it was well laid out and the ground was good.
The Xc course was BIG! There were several alternative options which I took note of but I planned to take the direct route – but I was aware that Squirrel was probably the smallest horse there – being 13.2 HH.
The team went to the dressage together as we were all on at about the same time but in different rings. I was really pleased with my test as Squirrel was on good form and I felt it went well – Stella thought so too!
The other 3 also did very good tests and we went to the SJ ring in high spirits.
We were all delighted when 3 of us got clear rounds – even though Squirrel gave a big rear at the start – he was fighting fit and often gets a bit of performance anxiety!
We were also pleased that Audrey arrived just in time to see our show-jumping success and we did her proud!

Then onto the xc. It was a big course! Alas I had a stop but was still pleased that Squirrel went onto give me a lovely round. Harry Holmes was the hero of the day as he was the only one of us clear , and although that meant we didn’t qualify for the national champs, we were all happy with the way our horses went.

Big thanks to Saskia who organised the training and entries and to Stella for the excellent training. We are all planning to compete again next year and would to see more riders competing with us.

Area Horse Trials


Tetrathlon Area and Championship competitions


These children represented Ledbury Hunt Pony Club at area tetrathlon this year:
Junior: Emma-Jane Austin
Intermediate: Rosie Harris & Arthur Townend
Open: Matt Baker, Alice Harper, Saffron Cresswell

The area was held by the Beaufort Hunt, who ran a very well organised and efficient competition, enjoyed by all – helped by the lovely weather to watch cross country in at West Littleton.

Emma-Jane competed very well against hot competition in the Junior class, with a very good swim and with Squirrel jumping well round a full up 90 course. Unfortunately, this year she didn’t score high enough to qualify for the championships.

Arthur and Rosie both did well in the Intermediate section, Arthur finishing 2nd boy and Rosie 3rd girl, which qualified them both for championships. At the championships Arthur finished 22nd and Rosie finished 15th.

Alice, Saffron and Matt were an open mixed team and with a very exciting finish in the running they were just pipped at the post by the Old Berks team (there was 90 points in it!). Saffron and Matt both got best run. Matt finished 2nd boy and qualified as an individual, Saffron finished 8th and Alice 9th girl. Later the open team was given a “wild card” qualification for the Championships but, unfortunately Saffron was unavailable by then so Matt & Alice competed as individuals. Matt came 12th boy, and Alice came 22nd girl.
Rosie and Alice both got 1400 for their ride which means that they both went clear and inside a very tight time.

Area Tetrathlon PhotoArea Tetrathlon PhotoArea Tetrathlon Photo


Area Show Jumping and Championships report

Area Show jumping teams were:

Grace Knowles – Individual

Georgie Holmes
Georgie Woodward
Ruby Williams
Rebecca Moore

The team came 8th overall with 3 dc And qualified for Grassroots championships

At Regional Championships, unfortunately Rebecca Moore had to withdraw at last minute and which meant we were down to 3 in the team
Grace Knowles
Georgie Holmes
Ruby Williams
Ruby and Grace jumped into the jump off and did fantastic clears but were just outside of the rosettes

Team 1
Freddie Ogden-Metherell
Emma Jane Austin
Tom Woodward
Abi Godden

Team 2
Morgan Bradleigh
Georgia Turner
Harry Holmes
Millie Pope

Freddie, Tom, Morgan and Georgia all jumped themselves into the jump off. It was a fantastic jump off very exciting. Freddie flew round in a very fast time but unfortunately had the last pole down. Georgia put in a fantastic clear round to finish 3rd, Tom (on a Pony he borrowed for the competition) flew round the course to finish 2nd and Morgan had an amazing clear in a very fast time to win overall. So all 3 qualified for Champs.

At Championships the weather was not on the competitors side with heavy down pours. There were only 3 competitors finishing on 0 after the 2 rounds, this included Georgia Day. Georgia was drawn last in the jump off and with the 2 competitors both going clear before her she had to go for broke. She secured the fastest time but had an unlucky pole which meant she secured the 3rdspot. Morgan fished in 8th place.

Intermediate individual
Matt Baker
Matt had 4 faults in each round.

Open Individual
Holly Coles Qualified for Champs
Polly Smith
Holly went on to compete at Championships in very muddy conditions. She came 9th in the Elite competition.

Area Show JumpingArea Show Jumping


Area Dressage Report

The Area Dressage was held on the 26th July at Frampton Court in Gloucestershire. We had 2 grassroots teams, a novice and an intermediate team. All the team members had worked hard to improve their tests with the help of Katie Bailey. The grassroots teams were Freddie Ogden-Metherell, Lucinda Chinn, Georgie Holmes and Georgie Woodward in the Ledbury Burgundy team and the Ledbury Gold’s were Hannah Di-Wit, Charlotte Adshead and Henry Chichester. All rode well with Lucinda, Freddie and Charlotte qualifying for the grassroots championships. The novice team was Emma-Jane Austin, Tom Woodward, Grace Jenkins and Emily Cupper; all riding some of their best tests yet. The results for the novice were very slow but we were delighted that Emma-Jane Austin and Squirrel came second in their arena and qualified for the PC Champs in August. The intermediate team was Saskia Davies, Emma Chinn, Alice Harper and Seb Johnson-Myers, the competition was of a very high standard but all rode tidy tests. Saskia Davies was 2nd in her arena and missed out on qualification by half a collective mark. At PC Champs Emma-Jane was 8th in her Arena. I would like to thank Katie Bailey for her training and support in warming the teams up on the day and well done to all the riders, horses and ponies.

Area DressageArea Dressage


Regional competition report

On the 14th July 2017 Ledbury Hunt Pony Club sent more than 4 teams to Area 9 Show Jumping, nearly every team qualified for the Regional Championships in August and September. Georgie Holmes, Georgie Woodward, Rebecca Moore, Ruby Williams & Grace Knowles all qualified in the 80-85cm. Emma- Jane Austen, Tom Woodward, Freddie Ogden -Metherell, Morgan Bradley, Harry Holmes and Abigail came 10th as a team in the 90-95cm with Tom Woodward, Freddie Ogden-Metherell and Abigail making it into the jump off as well as all qualifying individually for the championships. Later in the year on the 10th August Ledbury sent a team to the grassroots area eventing where; Issy Chaplin, Ursula Williams, Freddie Ogden-Metherell and Grace Knowles competed against many other teams to all come away with qualifying cards. Well done also to Olivia Haddock who qualified as an individual at the grassroots area eventing competition. On the 26th August, the grassroots team competed at Rectory Farm in very hot conditions for the Regional Championships, Ursula Williams and Grace Knowles both jumped a double clear. The team just missed out on placings but it was a great practice for their first championship together. It was a tremendous experience for many of our members to make it championships and could not have been achieved without the help of the pony club.
By Grace Knowles

Regional eventing Team
Freddie Ogden-Metherell
Issie Chaplain
Grace Knowles
Ursula Williams

Indiviudal Olivia Haddock
Olivia won her section qualifying for Grassroots Champs

The team had a great day to qualify for grassroots champs

Championships was a tough course at Rectory farm which sorted results out.
Unfortunately, no rosettes but The team did fantastically well to just finish outside the top ten with all improving on their results from Foxcote. Roll on next year.

Regional Regional


 Polocrosse by Josh Smith

2017 was a very exciting year for the Ledbury Hunt Polocrosse players. We saw many younger players starting to get to grips with the game and our more experienced players continued to make their mark on both Pony Club and UKPA polocrosse. We organised groups at rallies to accommodate the different needs of polocrosse ponies and entertained our younger members with some of the basic polocrosse skills on foot at junior camp.
Early on in the year the exciting prospect arose that we had 4 under 16 players selected for the UKPA under 16 squad, Hugh Ralli, Nat Gilder, Rosie George and Joshua Smith. This was closely followed by the announcement that Hugh and Josh had been selected to play for the England juniors and Rosie and Nat for the Welsh juniors at the Pony Club Home International. The outstanding achievements of these young players continued with Hugh, Rosie and Josh being selected to represent the UK in the under 16’s in Colorado at the end of July, a fantastic achievement.
2017 was a very big year in terms of Pony Club Polocrosse with the second Polocrosse Home International being played at Celyn in July. The Home International is a very prestigious event where each country England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales compete against each other in three different sections, Open, Junior and Mini, combining team scores, with an overall victorious country, but also section winners too. The teams are selected from Pony Clubs all over the UK, so for our players it was another outstanding achievement. The England Juniors, Hugh and Josh alongside their 2 team mates from the North Warwickshire, proved too strong for their competitors only conceding 2 goals over the whole tournament, putting England in a very strong position to become victorious overall.
Due to the demanding commitments over the polocrosse season we did not have many players at the Pony Club Championships in August. However we fielded a mini team with Lucinda Chinn winning the tack and turnout which at the Championships is an amazing achievement.


Polocrosse 1Polocrosse 2


As a member of The Pony Club, I stand for the best in sportsmanship as well as in horsemanship.

I shall compete for the enjoyment of the game well played and take winning or losing in my stride, remembering that without good manners and good temper, sport loses its cause for being.

I shall endeavour to treat my horse with consideration

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