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Camp 2018 



Branch News

  • One Day Event

    34 hitsNeil Sheppard17 August 2018
  • Josh Smith Polocrosse

    20 hitsNeil Sheppard15 August 2018
    Josh Smith has recently been competing in South Africa and has sent us a report on his trip. The boys team ended up win...
  • Area Competition Results

    46 hitsNeil Sheppard05 August 2018
    Dressage Emma Chinn. Qualified in Open for PC Champs. Intermediate team of Saskia Davies, Tom Woodward, Emma Chinn and...
  • The Role of Parents

    44 hitsNeil Sheppard29 July 2018
    Guidance on the role of parents within the Pony Club.  Click to download
  • Rally and Camp Dress Etiquette

    50 hitsNeil Sheppard29 July 2018
    Are you unsure what to wear at rallies or camp. Here is our guide to help you Click to download
  • Summer Show Championship

    138 hitsNeil Sheppard11 June 2018
      The weather was good and we were delighted to see so many members at the show on the 3rd June. Every year we hav...
  • Summer Camps 2018

    588 hitsNeil Sheppard06 June 2018
    Details of Summer Camps Junior Camp 29th July - 1st August (inclusive) Gadbury Online Booking Available - http:...
  • LHPC Horse and Rider Clothing

    189 hitsNeil Sheppard05 June 2018
    Our new supplier of LHPC Team kit has now set up a website with products for you to order should you wish to do so - the...
  • 2018 Branch Tetrathlon Results

    254 hitsNeil Sheppard21 May 2018
    Beanies Tri Beanies Tadpoles Minimus Junior Open Adult
  • Evening Dressage Results 26th April 2018

    406 hitsNeil Sheppard30 April 2018
    Click to download results
  • LHPC Horse and Rider Team clothing

    180 hitsNeil Sheppard30 April 2018
    Our new supplier is HardyETC who are a local company based in Ledbury. Access to the LHPC current products can either be...
  • Area Horse & Pony Care

    234 hitsNeil Sheppard18 April 2018
      Grace Knowles, Lizzy Cutter & Arthur Townend represented Ledbury at the Area Horse & Pony Care competiti...
  • Pony Club Rule Changes 2018

    597 hitsNeil Sheppard01 January 2018
    Key Rules Changes for 2018 There have been significant changes to several aspects of Pony Club Life including: Hat S...
  • Presentation Evening Award Winners 2017

    496 hitsNeil Sheppard22 November 2017
      Ledbury Hunt Pony Club Cups 2017           Dressage Simon Sez Are...
  • Polocrosse Success

    1258 hitsNeil Sheppard22 May 2017
    Well done to Rosie George, Hugh Ralli and Joshua Smith who have made the final team selected to play polocrosse for the ...
  • Members Offers

    1231 hitsNeil Sheppard27 April 2017
    25th April 2017 - New Hunt Horses offer members of the Ledbury Hunt Branch of The Pony Club a 10% discount in shop (excl...
  • Area 9 Information and Documents

    1143 hitsNeil Sheppard26 April 2017
    Training courses are arranged by Area 9 for a number of disciplines and to support CPD requirements for instructors and ...
  • Visit to Carl Hester

    1782 hitsNeil Sheppard11 September 2016
    Members of the Ledbury Hunt Branch of The Pony Club were fortunate to be able to visit the yard of Carl Hester following...


Branch Events (open to LHPC members)

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Tuesday August 21
Senior Camp - Lincomb XC
Tuesday August 21
Senior Camp - Lincomb XC
Thursday August 23
SJ TRAINING WITH Bryan Smith - Gadbury
Tuesday August 21
Senior Camp - Lincomb XC
Friday August 24
Dressage training with Levi Hunt - Abbey Dressage
Tuesday August 21
Senior Camp - Lincomb XC
Saturday August 25
Regonal Championships - Rectory Farm
Saturday August 25
Regonal Championships - Rectory Farm
Saturday August 25
Regonal Championships - Rectory Farm
Tuesday August 28
General and Test Training Rally - Gadbury
Sunday September 2, 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Picnic Rally - All members - Gadbury
Friday September 7, 5:00 PM -
Dressage Training - CANCELLED - Abbey Dressage
Friday September 14
Blenheim Area Eventing -

As a member of The Pony Club, I stand for the best in sportsmanship as well as in horsemanship.

I shall compete for the enjoyment of the game well played and take winning or losing in my stride, remembering that without good manners and good temper, sport loses its cause for being.

I shall endeavour to treat my horse with consideration

The Pony Club is a charity registered with the Charity Commission (registration number 1050146). Ledbury Hunt Branch of the Pony Club operates as a local branch of the Pony Club Organisation and are governed by the  Pony Club Policies

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